Trend- Downsizing Layer Up

Just like how we want for our body, lately, rings tend to go skinny, yet thin-and-delicate enough for us to stack multiples on our fingers (Why settle for one when we can have more?)  Instead of wearing only one ring, it's more fun and satisfying to wear multiple your favorite thin rings at once to create a dramatic look. 

Firstly, here are some tips to find your perfect Petite/Skinny ring that will last forever instead of becoming last-season:

  • Fine Material- from sterling silver, 14K Gold, to 18K Gold, these metal will not tarnished like brass, bronze, and etc. Its value lasts!
  • Delicate Craftsmanship- Craftsmanship has to be delicate and top-notched to make it perfect. Size isn't an issue, it's all about the details! 
  • Set of Pave Stones- Adds A stash of sparks for enhancement! Plus diamond is our best friend, even the tiny biny ones! 
  • Refined Design- Simple, Clean lines with a twist of geometric shape/form. Elegantly understated style! 
  • Meaningful Story- Its Design/Shape/Inspiration or Designer herself, for whatever reason, there must be a "Meaningful" value for this delicate little thing.  It only has to be meaningful to you.  

     Now, we need to master stack/layering look like an expert (It's literally all about the attitude):

    •  Same Tone- For beginner, you can mix yellow gold with rose gold, or silver with silver or black. For mixing gold with silver, it's better to have similar design/shape/form to keep it sophisticated.
    Shop the rings HERE



    •  Stacking Up Vertically- Freely stack as many as you please on one finger to create in-depth look. 


    Petite Rings/ Ambergris- Shop HERE ; Large Evil Eye Ring/ Antoanetta- Shop HERE


    •  Layering Horizontally - Spreading the rings on 3 to 4 or 5 fingers for a more fashion forward look.  

    Rings from Antoanetta: Shop HERE


    Rings from Ambergris: Shop HERE





    Perfect. So are you ready to rock your own look? 

    Shop what's trending now HERE to treat yourself some beautiful delicate petite rings!  


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