In-your-face Mixology

Showcase your statement pieces altogether with a bold outcome to maximize the visual effect, and create an in-depth statement look, like a glamorous Rocker with rebellious and daring attitude.
Who says chunky statement rings can't be worn with each other? As long as the rings have some similarity in element/tone/Shape/form, the more.... the merrier!  Even the most standout ring wouldn't look oddly too much with many others. 
Dare to GOLD BOLD or go home
  • Combining the "Alpha Fe-" with "Male"- Architectural Pearl Set with Structural Bone in Form
  • Monochrome 
  • Perfectly Balanced of Voluminously Chunky in Shape and Masculine in Lines

    SILVER Savage Beauty 
    • Balancing a Futuristic Edginess with Strong Geometric Forms 
    • Monochrome
    • Perfect match of Pave diamonds, stones and Metal

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