très C Jewelry

très C Jewelry was designed by Christine Tseng who was based in New York, and now lives in Taipei, who was former assistant buyer from Marc by Marc Jacobs. She officially established her own jewelry line in 2015. It is a Fine collection with Playful design, Pop Reference, Street Sensibility, and Wearable functionality for people whom can’t live without jewelry, loves fashion but embrace her own individual style. It is an ultimate jewelry line without seasonal barrier from spontaneous inspirations of Fashion, Art, Lifestyle, Movie, Music and so much more. All the materials are Sterling Silver. 

très C Jewelry是由首飾愛好者/時尚精品採購Christine Tseng在2015年所設計的品牌. très C Jewelry是結合玩心設計, 街頭文化 和重視材質可每天穿戴的首飾, 品牌精神是 "首飾不僅只是配件- 它代表個人的時尚態度和獨特風格, 是每天生活的MUST-HAVE." 沒有季節性的束縛, 靈感則是天馬行空地由時尚, 藝術, 生活, 電影, 音樂等中隨興尋得. 材質皆為純銀.

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