Alive and Kicking

ALIVE - Alive and Kicking by Zhou Chunya + Jaime Hayon

"Libido refers to a person’s primitive and intuitive biological urges contained in what Freud called the id. Some of the subconscious desires unfulfilled during one’s childhood are compensated through games or other methods as a means of consolation. While a person’s desire intensifies as one grows older, the need to fit in, to meet the expectations of the society, and to conform to ethics and religion often suppress the opportunity to act on one’s desires.....LIVE AND KICKING is a piece of creation that delves into the transformation and evolution of libido through the growth of is a generic image of humans. Violence, sexuality, playfulness, and fantasy are all real pieces of human nature. ...The explosive force of life demonstrates itself and resonates in a collective context, becoming an optimistic wish in reality." from MOTSTYLE 

I love this exhibition, truly breathtaking~

So amazed by the outcome of the hysterical exaggeration of the postures and emotions, Shocking sense of Beauty with Filthy Guilt twist


Lets Alive-n-Kicing!!!!!!! Embrace RAW Desires with humor Shamelessly    XOXO


Below image is Zhou Chunya's drawing:

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