C's Quick Hand Sketch

An urge to draw, after watching a show about Tsai Chih Chung - a cartoonist who is successful and drew so many awesome comic books that's full of wisdom and philosophy. Anyways, I started to read his comic books since I was little. His work is just beyond amazing. 

So I watched this show, and he says... Success doesn't only take efforts to make it. Success will come along when You put 100% efforts into only doing what you love and what you are good at. Frame or money is not our goal, that doesn't matter. That does not last. What really matters is you enjoy every second, every step of doing what you love (so-called work), that is the greatest return. What I am doing is my work, but also my biggest pleasure. I will contribute the world by doing only what I passionate with and what I'm gifted. Doing my best to make it perfect.



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